Crossfit: your best training option?

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About 5 years ago few people knew what Crossfit is, what it was about, some spoke well of it and others lousy, but after a long time we have been able to find the answer to lose belly fast and safely.

Today, Crossfit is the training method that is fashionable. But does it really offer as many benefits as it promises? Judge for yourself:

1. Decrease your body weight by approximately 3.2% and increase your lean mass by 1.8% after 10 weeks of practicing it.

2. Movements are combined to work all muscle groups.

3. You never get bored, as the training is always different.

4. It adapts to you: load the weight that suits your physical condition.

5. Little time and many results.

Like any other discipline, it is important to do a good joint warm-up at the beginning and to carry out approach series. Do you think you're ready to hit Crossfit? How do you exercise?

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  • Anto

    hola marcela, en la lista solo salen las maracs que puse, se podreda asumir que si pero no necesariamnete, mejor confirmar en lo que sale en la lista. averiguaremos y avisamos!

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